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At Power Production Management, Inc. (PPM), our philosophy is to provide 100% customer satisfaction.  We realize that this is a difficult goal, but it must be pursued at all times.  As our customer, you are the most important aspect of our business.  Without you, we would not be in business in the first place.  We have confidence that you will receive the best products and services at the best prices while receiving the most support for your project.

PPM was founded by Jason Gonos and Alex Khokhlov with the goal to provide the most valuable service for our customers.  They believed that it was the only way to run a business.  This philosophy has proven to be effective, considering PPM’s rapid growth and acceptance in this economy. Originally PPM was interested in the installation of solar photovoltaic systems alone.  This interest has evolved into a desire to provide customers with complete energy solutions.  PPM is able to completely take a customer off the grid if desired, provide energy saving services and solutions, educate on the latest trends and technologies, and install solar domestic hot water, solar pool heating, solar attic fans, provide insulation, window tinting services and energy evaluations.Well, here we go. You have decided you want a solar system. One question remains: are you really getting a good deal? Are you going to be receiving a high quality product for your hard earned money? Will your investment really pay for itself? Will you get the help you need when it comes to getting your incentives? Will the company you are employing to do the work stand behind their product? In our organization, we answer all of the above questions with the following answer: our goal is to deliver the highest quality design, installation, products, and customer support. Our existing residential and commercial customers are extremely happy with the installation services that our company provided for them. Regardless of the application – residential, grid-tie, off-grid, commercial, industrial, or just a single solar panel – Power Production Management is the way to go.