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Types Of Energy Installed Solar Electric PV
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No one else can offer the service and commitment we have for our customers with over 25 years experience. World wide service to serve you better. Offering the latest products, design, research, installation, specialty manufacturing, fabrication and prototyping. If you have an idea or invention in alternative energy, we can help get it built and to market. Municipalities & counties if you are in search of solutions to your solid waste and landfill issues, contact us for income opportunities from your trash. If you would like a free design guide or booklet from Get Off The Grid titled Do It Yourself Solar, Wind and Hydro, send us an email and we will forward one to you.

Our Polyethylene water & chemical tanks out-perform the more expensive, traditional water storage systems. Our tanks are rotationally molded, seamless and water tight. They will never rust or corrode and are nearly indestructible. Made from 100% virgin resin listed by the FDA for portable water storage. These tanks can be used for above or in ground storage & tanks for the back of pick-up trucks. We also have 55 gallon drums.