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Fun in the Sun Pool Heating.

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Types Of Energy Installed Solar Electric PV, Solar Hot Water Thermal
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Market Residential Properties

While you can certainly choose among any number of companies to heat your swimming pool, or provide you with leading edge pool automation and purification solutions, the people at Fun in the Sun have the unique experience to handle pool heating projects of any scope and complexity, from the average homeowner’s swimming pool to the largest commercial swimming pools.

Today’s swimming pool is a highly complex system, and we have years of hands-on experience to know which technologies and systems are practical, and which tend to be trouble.Fun in the Sun’s design, installation and service professionalism and technical expertise are unsurpassed… no matter how you make the comparison.


Our people have been associated with more than 15,000 solar pool heating systems and 100,000 solar panel installations since the 1980s. We’ve seen it all.


Every Fun in the Sun Pool Heating systems design consultant and field technical team leader has at least five years of direct pool heating experience. Our operations manager has over 11 years installing and supervising the installation of solar pool heating systems.


And just what, exactly, does all this mean for you?

It means peace of mind because you’re dealing with a company driven more by after-the-sale technical and engineering concerns than by a simple desire to make the next sale. Specifically, you can expect:


  • Correct system sizing for your unique swimming comfort requirements, pool use and site factors
  • Realistic expectations of system performance
  • Correct plumbing installation and system hydraulics

The most advanced, safe and trouble-free pool heating and automation available today

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