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From years of advanced technology and solar energy experience, EcoLiteco’s team has crafted the most affordable, durable and aesthetically pleasing solar-powered exterior lighting and sign solutions in the world today. Inspired by a community of family and friends who have instilled a great appreciation for the world we live in, our dedicated staff of like-minded individuals has worked tirelessly to create world-class designs that are good for the environment.

EcoLiteco’s solar-powered products are an easy and affordable way to place exterior lighting and signs anywhere the sun shines! Our team, pioneers in solar-power and wireless technology, has combined many years of experience with our know-how of metal enclosure fabrication to create a product line to meet nearly every purpose and aesthetic requirement. Not needing to rely on electricity, our solar- powered products get rid of yearly energy costs and the need for electrical equipment, trenching and licensed electricians - not to mention significantly reducing arduous permitting and installation requirements!With an emphasis on quick assembly and installation, automatic operation, highest-quality, low maintenance components and affordability; EcoLiteco’s solar-powered products stand up to any AC product in the industry! Enhanced by a full range of shapes, sizes, colors, purchase options, and generous warranties; our solar-powered LED sign enclosures, sign monuments, and sign retrofits become an easy choice!  Also enhanced by these same features, our solar powered streetlight, commercial-grade exterior lighting and solar-lighting kits bring quick and effortless lighting to even the most remote locations.