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Demco Energy


Demco Energy, LLC
5119 N. Nebraska Ave
Tampa, FL 8132707613
United States


27.993593, -82.450857

Types Of Energy Installed Solar Electric PV
KW's Installed 0
Market Residential Properties, Commercial Properties

Demco Energy installs commercial and residential solar systems, including solar hot water systems, solar pool systems and photovoltaic (solar electric) systems.

Demco Energy, LLC is a sister company to DD-KC, Inc., a family owned development company that has successfully built hundreds of multi-family projects throughout the state of Florida and beyond, including projects as far away as Raleigh, NC, Oklahoma City, OK and Kansas City, MO.    

Beginning in early 2009, we began our transition to the solar and energy efficiency industry, organizing Demco Energy, training our labor force, obtaining the proper licensing, and sending our teams out to do solar installations through an affiliate company.   

In order to provide the highest standards of professional solar installation, Demco has partnered with Solar Source, based in Largo, Florida. A leader in the solar industry since 1984, this partnership allows us to provide high quality, reasonably priced systems, design services and installation expertise.