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PL Solar is Florida`s most capable solar provider, helping customers save money by using innovative solar solutions.Since 2001 the team at BPL Solar has been designing renewable energy solutions to solve energy problems on land and at sea. The company started using solar and wind to supplement fossil fuel generators in the yachting industry.In 2007 we launched our land based solar business applying the lessons learned in the harsh marine environment to the commercial and residential markets.Solar isn’t only about generating electricity and hot water for your home or business.

Even though technology has improved through the years, the ability to predict disasters has not. It is difficult to forecast geophysical events, blackouts, super storms and terrorism. Even though these events are hard to foresee, there IS one prediction that we can make safely: the sun will rise tomorrow and the Solar Stik™ System will work when the power grid fails, or in the absence of traditional fuels.The Solar Stik™ System, can keep life’s necessities operating. Plug in a computer, television, radio, fan, rechargeable devices, medical equipment, small refrigerator, or simply a light. The ability to keep one’s family safe during times of crisis cannot be over-emphasized or ignored.  You may not be able to predict an event beforehand, but you can prepare today for the impact afterwards.Today, harnessing solar energy from the sun to produce hot water is easier than ever. BPL Solar offers solar hot water systems that use solar energy to heat your water easily and efficiently. Federal Tax Credits and FPL/Utility Rebates make solar hot water systems affordable for everyone. 100% financing is also available!Consider installing an environmentally friendly BPL Solar solar hot water system in your home.

• Solar thermal energy is free and can provide up to 90% of the annual energy to heat domestic hot water
• Solar thermal is the most financially feasible renewable energy source for your home
• Over 1.5 million American homes have had solar hot water systems installed
• Solar energy is the most abundant energy source on our planet