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Are you thinking about buying a solar electric system for your home or business? If so, this will provide some basic information that can help you. Solar electric systems, which are also called photovoltaic or PV systems are reliable and pollution-free. They make use of a renewable source of energy—the sun.

PV works best in an energy-efficient home or building. So, adding a Solar Thermal (hot water ) system first is a good and very affordable way, to reduce your home’s electricity use before you install a PV system.  Using the sun to heat hot water is a simple technology that has been around for decades. Solar water heaters can be a great investment because they offer a virtually cost-free and renewable energy source for one of your home’s top energy-users.Solar attic fans also run completely from the suns energy and can substantially make your homes air conditioning run more efficient. These are important options to consider since they are much more cost efficient than adding PV panels to generate the electricity they will save you.

To make all Solar systems more affordable the government offers a 30% tax credit to home owners who choose to install Solar. Some utilities also have net metering programs, which further enhance the economics of PV. Net metering means that when your PV system generates more power than you need, the

Excess goes to the utility grid and the meter runs backward. This allows you to receive full retail value for the power that your PV system generates

What does this all mean?

All this means there are many Soar options to cut your energy costs and save you money. It would be easy to just say it will cost you “x” amount to install Solar PV in your home but there is no easy answer to what it will cost to make your own electricity until we make your home as efficient as possible. We have several low cost options available as well as an affordable price to install a complete system. We do not charge to come and site in your home’s roof for Solar or to show you all your options available. We will call you by phone and hopefully we can set a convenient time for a no charge visit..