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Allsolar Service Company - Kissimmee
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Since 1974!!!! ALLSOLAR is a Florida-based design-build firm specializing in solar theraml AIR CONDITIONING, solar hot water, solar pool heating and Photovoltaic (solar-electric) Power Systems for commercial, industrial and residential applications.Our approach brings continuity to your solar project and includes system design, consulting, procurement, installation, interconnection and commissioning.

Solar pool heating is the most economically attractive option for heating pools. Compared to other pool heating technologies, a solar pool heating system pays for itself within 2 to 4 years. In addition, solar pool heating has a superior warranty with an average life expectancy of over 25 years.ALLSOLAR uses the highest quality solar pool heating panels the industry has to offer. We use theHi-Tec Solar Panels.Hi-Tec solar panels are Solar World's premium line. In addition to Solar World's manufacturing strengths, Hi-Tec solar pool heaters also incorporate:
Hi-Tec's Exclusive EZ Mount mounting system hangs the solar panels comfortably on an angle (usually on a roof), where stresses from panel movement are least significant
Hi-Tec solar panels promise the best sealed anchor points in the industry
Hi-Tec's design permits roof anchors to line up so that they may be fastened into your roof trusses throughout the width of an array, up to 12 panels
Hi-Tec solar panels have a built-in substrate: "Webs" between the tubes of the absorber rest on the surface (usually a roof), raising the tubes above it. Therefore, no water-carrying tubes are exposed to the abrasive surface of shingles or tiles, reducing the possibility of wear and leaks.