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Donnie and Rosellen Nolley, a husband and wife team in Deltona, FL (50 miles northeast of Orlando), sell approximately 150 Solar Water Heater systems each year. The Nolley operation embodies the principles of the insurance agent model described in the text.

With 30 years experience in home energy as an installer and salesman for solar water heaters and insulation in Indiana and Florida, Donnie Nolley is a talented sales man who establishes instant rapport with homeowners. He usually visits two homes per night and performs a free energy survey, recommends “do it yourself” measures (such as cleaning the coils of air conditioning systems), and attempts to sell a package of goods and services that save homeowners money by improving energy efficiency. Rosellen supports Donnie’s sales effort with a team of part time telemarketers. She develops leads by driving through neighborhoods and recording data used to qualify potential homeowners, such as sunny roofs and large families. The leads are then cross-referenced with commercially available telephone lists and given to the telemarketers, who contact homeowners to schedule free energy surveys. In a typical week, two telemarketers work a total of 16 hours and schedule 10 home surveys. The Nolleys also launch regular “door knocking” cam-paigns in which they personally visit homes in a given neighborhood to schedule the free energy surveys. They receive no financial support from any outside organization. Their financial success depends entirely on generating sales leads, visiting homeowners, and selling Solar Water Heater systems. Their ability to do this has generated an income that is well above average for the Orlando region. Nolley’s sales effort focuses on the total energy efficiency of a home, not on Solar Water Heater alone. He attempts to persuade homeowners of the benefits of improving the energy efficiency of their homes so that they qualify as four-star or five-star Home Energy Rating System homes, thereby saving money for homeowners and qualifying for energy-efficient mortgages.