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Sundance Solar Designs, LLC
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We offer complete renewable energy systems design, consulting, sales and installation and sustainable architecture .We live in a solar home using photovoltaics for our electrical needs on the ranch and solar thermal to heat our home and provide domestic hot water so we know what works because we live with it each day.

Our sustainable home designs begin with you and your ideas of what you want in a home. It is a process by which your choices in terms of materials, space and flow are revealed during the design work. Initially we will have a meeting during which these ideas are developed and principles of sustainable design, aesthetic building style and material choices are discussed. Several drafts will lead to a final design, with ongoing reviews to bring about the permit ready plans. Engineering of the home and support systems is also part of the process. In this manner, all parts of the home are brought forth to the client and when the design is complete, the customer has a comprehensive view of the project and an understanding of how each choice affects the total performance, comfort of the structure and the workings of each of the support systems. Many of our customers initially come in with sketches they have made, or magazine photo's and ideas they have accumulated since they have made the decision to embark upon the project. In the end, as a result of our collective efforts, you will have a home that is uniquely yours because it came from you.