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Bella Energy
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Types Of Energy Installed:
solar electric pv
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residential properties

Bella Energy is nationwide commercial solar developer and project engineering firm.We provide expert design, financing and construction to commercial, non-profit and government clients. Whether you are looking for a company to build your solar system or are considering the implications of adding solar to your business, organization, or community, the solar experts of Bella Energy are here to help. Contact Bella Energy today to see what solar can do for you.

s a graduate student in solar energy in the late 70s (back when only MIT, Arizona State, and Colorado State University had programs), I became intrigue by the elegance of solar electrical systems. Outside of a few land based uses, powering satellites in space was the primary market for solar technology. During the first energy crisis, it made all the sense in the world to me that solar electric technology would come back to Earth.  It was at that moment that I decided to stake my career on it.In the early 80’s, I began my career in solar by opening the first PV distributor in Colorado. I started by selling to off grid customers and putting in the early utility and commercial grid tied projects. Marrying an interest in travel and developing countries, the next decade was spent implementing solar community programs in over a dozen countries, primarily in the poorer regions of the world. I still work with many of the people I met and have built an international network of renewable energy supporters.By the end f the 20th century, solar was getting traction in Germany and Japan as a legitimate green energy source, beginning to reach grid parity. The realization that solar would jump the oceans to this country sparked the formation of Bella Energy.My vision for Bella Energy is to be a solar energy leader, implementing solar projects across the US and around the world.  This vision was shaped by my history of working in rural communities across Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Partnering with friends I made along the way, we’ve brought the bricks and motor experience necessary to install the most challenging energy projects. I see Bella Energy as a valued partner to construction, engineering and financial companies, helping them to expand their business, open markets and reach their goals. In the end I’d like to know that we’ve helped reduce the world’s dependence on fossil fuels. -Jim Welch, Founder and CEO