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Aspen Solar

Aspen Solar
P.O. Box 2391
Aspen, CO 81612
United States


39.1942153, -106.8209133

Types Of Energy Installed Solar Electric PV, Solar Hot Water Thermal, solar pool heating
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Market Residential Properties, Commercial Properties

Aspen Solar Systems was awarded a national achievement award in the field of radiant-panel heating and cooling by the Radiant Panel Association. This award recognizes examples of the best installations in the radiant-heating industry nationwide. The award is designed to display to architects and the building and mechanical trades examples of the best installations in the radiant heating industry nationwide.

Aspen Solar Systems won this award after a long history of developing these solar heated radiant systems in the Roaring Fork Valley and on the Western Slope. This system maximizes the benefits of low range temperatures (90-110 degrees Fahrenheit), provided by solar energy. It has tremendous opportunity for implementing into new construction. Given to Aspen Solar Systems on February 25 by the Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association, the plaque goes to individuals who demonstrate dedication to the state's solar power industry. Mike Tierney prides himself on providing quality, clean, efficient energy alternatives to consumers. He attend Colorado Mountain College's solar program and has been in the solar business on the Western Slope since 1983. The association has adopted a code of ethics to encourage quality and the latest technology for consumers.