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AC Solar
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I started A C Solar, Inc. in 1991 and set out to share the joys of creating energy from sustainable technologies. There was no school to attend for alternative energy back then. I was in the classroom of experience. Each time a new customer’s system was turned on (“More Power to the People!”) I had a sense of excitement and satisfaction.

The industry has changed a lot since those first days. We now have rebates and Federal Tax Credits to offset the cost of systems. These incentives coupled with the lowest prices ever make now the time to invest in renewable energy.
ACS big pole mountI have prided myself on "walking my talk". All the energy for my home and office is created by sun and wind. I believe in alternative energy not only as a lifestyle, but as an investment in our planet’s future. With the products I sell, I have clean, renewable power beyond the reaches of the utilities web. I love the independence this provides me, plus the added bonus of no utility bills since 1988.