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West Hills Construction

West Hills Construction, Inc.
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Chino, CA 91710
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Types Of Energy Installed Solar Electric PV
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In Business Since 1989
Market Residential Properties

At West Hills Construction, Inc., a General Contracting firm, we are completely dedicated to the perfection of workmanship on behalf of our clients.

Our reputation and client list has grown steadily over the past 42 years as a result of our achievements in delivering well-designed and well-constructed projects. Over the past four decades, our company has built office buildings, warehouses, distribution centers, commercial developments, medical facilities, water/wastewater treatment plants, restaurants, retail stores, and high end residential projects throughout the Southern California area. West Hills Construction, Inc. also has one of the fastest growing Energy Divisions in the country. We are capable of delivering Photovoltaic Systems, Cogeneration Technologies, Wind Turbine Systems, Hybrid A/C Systems, and other cost saving technologies directly to your business.