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T.A.K Electric

T.A.K Electric
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At T.A.K. we are pure American, we are a full service electrical shop that specializes in solar pv installation and more!

We want the customer to know when they call T.A.K. Electric they know what they are going to get honest, positive, quality, and dependable long lastin solar pv system. We want to be the most respected and reliable electrical / solar pv shop in California.

Experienced, dependable, professionals.

  • T.A.K Electric has over 15 years experience in the solar industry
  • We offer customers a true "home energy management system"
  • We are the only one in california that offers the new "smart panel"
  • Smart panel alone will save you 20%-30% energy savings
  • Which means we can install less solar panels on the home
  • T.A.K Electric is revolutionizing the solar electric industry

Right now the time to purchase solar is prime, with 40%-50% incentives and rebates to the new laws that were passed to sell back any excess energy to the utility providers who will actually cut you a check or put it towards your energy bills! This is the time!

Please give us a call! for a energy audit