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Types Of Energy Installed Solar Electric PV
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Our whole way of life revolves around fossil fuels – a non-renewable resource that may be exhausted within the next 30 years. Our daily use of fossil fuels to power our homes, businesses, and vehicles comes with an exorbitant price.

It is Suntrek’s vision to make the use of solar energy easy, affordable, and accessible for all households and businesses. By doing so, we will create a brighter future for our families, our country, and our planet. The biggest price we pay for our fossil-fuel dependence is Global Warming.We are already seeing a dramatic buildup of carbon dioxide causing higher temperatures, retreating glacial ice, and changing weather patterns all over the world.Global Warming will not go away by itself. Mother Nature needs a big change from all of us.Solar energy systems produce no greenhouse emissions or toxic wastes. By replacing our conventional energy sources with the sun, we can eliminate tons of pollutants each year and eventually stop the Global Warming trend.