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Solar Technologies

Solar Technologies
619 Soquel Ave.
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
United States


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Types Of Energy Installed Solar Electric PV
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Market Residential Properties

Solar Technologies is your LOCAL solar energy system provider, featuring exemplary design and installation for your home or business! Our knowledgeable team of experts have over 30 years of experience and offer the most efficient equipment available.

We are a SunPower Elite Dealer: The World's Most Powerful Solar Panels. Our innovation means you get better technology at less expense. Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural. As the electricity flows into your solar power electrical system, it is either used in your building or “sold” back to your electric utility service for later use. Your electric meter literally runs backwards when you are producing net energy and forward when you use it. A solar powered home can generate between 75 and 100% of its own power, resulting in immediate savings now, and increased savings in the future as the cost of electricity increases with inflation.