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Solar R US
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Solarrus has a simple goal: To help customers and affiliated parties benefit from predictable, reliable, lower cost and environmentally sensitive solar energy.  We are a full service solar company providing both installation and maintenance contracts allowing our customers to receive optimal performance annually.

Solarrus and its customers replace conventional energy with solar energy. We provide zero to low capital complete solar solutions with positive net cash flow – paid for by energy cost savings. These programs are beneficial to all its users. Our focus is local. Solarrus uses high quality local products, local financing and local installers.  Because of this, Solarrus is able to minimize installation wait time, provide rapid and truly dedicated service—all at an excellent value. Solarrus is located in Irvine, CA.  We are a full-service solar energy installation company offering maintenance contracts through True South Renewables, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Solarrus.  True South™ is a pioneer in operations, maintenance and independent commissioning of large commercial and utility scale solar energy facilities. True South Renewables (TSR) is a nationwide company and the largest exclusive solar O & M service provider in North America. TSR empowers system owners with peace of mind by maintaining high system availability, improving energy yields and shielding against impediments to the system’s initial return on investment.