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Thank you for visiting the Sober Solar website. Sober Solar is a family owned and operated business and is proud to serve the San Jose, CA and surrounding Bay Area with solar panel installation and services. We at Sober Solar are dedicated to using the highest quality products to offer you proven performance and reliability.
By going solar, you can lock in on a low, fixed solar rate from day one. Switching to solar keeps rising energy rates in check and guarantees a lower monthly electrcity bill. Solar power for your home is more affordable than ever!

Sober Solar believe your voice is critical to our success and evolution. Our technology experts analyze your needs and requirements, with an aim to develop an efficient, cost-effective solution designed expressly for your project.
California takes the lead in supporting clean, renewable energy and NOW is the best time for California homeowners to go solar. If you’re paying more than $100/month for electricity, installing a residential solar system is a good way to take control of your energy costs.
California has one of the nation’s largest incentive plans and very strong solar rebate programs. San Jose’s City Council adopted a Green Vision plan in October 2007, which set ambitious electricity goals. The state of California also has a long history of supporting solar power through its policies and incentive programs.
Sober Solar is extremely proud of our achievements and extremely excited when looking forward to what the future has in store. We believe it’s the little things we do that make the difference and we believe a little sunshine goes a long way!

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