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Ronco, Inc.:

Ronco, Inc.:
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Ronco, Inc. is the photovoltaic division of Ronco Electric Inc. Ronco Electric Inc. has been providing superb electrical services for residential, commercial, and industrial projects since 1991. Always dedicated to the renewable energy cause, Ronco Electric's first project was in solar water heating in 1980. Since then, Ronco has continued to install photovoltaic systems and support the renewable energy movement.The goal of Ronco is to provide turnkey solar solutions that stand the test of time. The solar consultants, design engineers, and installers are all experienced in photovoltaics. This allows them to understand the core of the project, the electrical objectives, as well as the customer's concerns. As a result, Ronco can provide the most comprehensive, competitive, and innovative solutions to any solar project.

Ronco Solar Power is the solar subsidiary of Ronco Electric. Located in Los Angeles, Ronco designs and builds the highest performing solar energy systems in the industry. System sizes range from 1 kilowatt to over 1 megawatt to help meet the needs of homes, businesses, government entities, and agricultural facilities.Our team has extensive experience and a passion for renewable energy. We are dedicated to finding the highest return on investment for you through accurate modeling, efficient building techniques, and system monitoring. We have built solid relationships with the top vendors in the industry, enabling us to get the photovoltaic panels and materials we need to build your system right and on schedule. Our premier in-house design and installation teams deliver carefree, turnkey solar systems to our customers. In addition to our world-class customer care, we stand behind every system we install one hundred percent.It's a well-known fact that electricity rates climb ever year. As an electric utility customer, you're at the mercy of rate hikes and tier changes for as long as you continue to purchase electricity from the utility company. Investing in solar allows you to take that money you would have given to the electric company and put it right back in your own pocket. You no longer rent your power, you own it.As an owner of power you are free from the annual increase in electricity costs. While your neighbors will be complaining about their electric bills every month, you'll rest easy knowing your electric costs will stay the same for twenty-five years or more. Solar systems save you money on your electric bill the moment the system is up and running. During the day when you're producing more electricity than you're using, you'll get to watch your meter spin backwards. At night when you need electricity but are no longer producing an, your meter will spin forwards and use the credit you accumulated during the day.