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PHAT Energy approaches solar system construction with the primary objective of high-end performance standards. The components that we use are chosen based on their effectiveness and quality. What we build for you is intended to last over a generation. We succeed by not cutting corners, and making value-oriented system lay-out, component and construction decisions. Please contact us for more information, for a free solar feasibility and pay-back discussion and report, or for a site-visit.

PHAT ENERGY approaches solar sizing from a cash-flow perspective first. We leave you to consider other subjective factors (environmental, personal, etc) to reach the decision of how much larger a system you would want than the one that will bring you the greatest proportional savings.

Each utility has different rates and rebate programs. So, system sizing on a cost per kiloWatt (1kW=1000Watts) varies radically in Southern California - what makes sense in Los Angeles may make none in Glendale, and vice versa. The cash flow analysis will show how you can save money with solar, and in most cases immediately.

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