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Market Residential Properties

Since 1978, Nexus has traversed through every type of economic terrain. From generation to generation – we have relentlessly provided our customers with premium workmanship, products and customer service. No matter the Landscape – we stay dedicated to the mission – providing unwavering focus on customer service, satisfaction and stability.

More so today then ever, mainstream America has become tired of rising and uncontrolled costs of electricity. Utility providers continue raising utility rates and seem unrelenting in their “the more you use, the more you pay” business practices. Seeking an alternative to expensive, poorly managed and outdated utility rate structures, thousands of families across the country have turned to Nexus to solve this fundamental inequity. As one of the first residential solar developers in California’s history (founded in 1978 as a custom home builder), Nexus remained dedicated to delivering the highest level of workmanship, best in class warranties and products, providing true value for its customers.

The family-owned company’s roots originally began building custom homes in San Louis Obispo county, developing the company motto “The Difference is Quality”, and creating a reputation for building the most energy-efficient homes on the market. By 1992, CEO Michael Rietkerk recognized “rooftop” solar as the cornerstone and future of home-energy efficiency and decided to refocus his efforts over the coming decades in order to serve the residential solar market. After years of persistence, Nexus has been able to establish itself as one of the largest solar installers in the State of California & nationwide with over 20,000 solar installations across 5 states. Unlike most of the industry, Nexus is financially solvent, owns its assets and maintain an elite design and installation department. Nexus has never received outside funding, adding more credence to the decades-long mission of resilience Mr. Rietkerk set out to established early on by sticking to the fundamentals.


  • 92% of solar companies have been installing solar for less than 5 years.
  • Most solar companies today don’t have a construction background, nurturing a long tail of unsatisfied customers
  • Less experienced installers outsource their installation, limiting the length and validity of their warranties & workmanship
  • All the top 5 solar companies are publicly traded leasing companies who depend on constant rounds of funding to remain in business.

We anticipate that many more publicly-traded solar providers will continue to operate at a loss, compromising the integrity of their promise to their customers. This outlook only magnifies the prospect of increasing your home value with Nexus and our unique 25-year power production guarantee. You can rest easy knowing that our focus is on providing a lifetime of guaranteed home energy production. Nexus offers its customers the opportunity to OWN their solar, NOT LEASE. With no money out of pocket and often with no payments for the first year of their purchase, $1,000 bonuses for referring a friend or family member, 26% of system cost federal tax credit, Nexus has managed to turn solar into a revenue stream for its customers, fulfilling the goal of Mr. Rietkerk. By adding the most value in the industry for his customers, Nexus has grown to the company it is today and will fulfill its promise to its customers of the past, present and future. Solar & Battery power has become a safe haven for the average homeowner in the most uncertain times. When making the decision to choose the right contractor, choose bankability. Choose satisfaction.

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