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A solar electrical system will last a long time. Modules are warrantied for 20 years or more to perform at more than 80% of their original performance. They can be expected to provide significant power for much longer.

The selection of the main components, the modules and the inverter, are very important and we will help you select the best and most appropriate pieces for your property, but it is critical that the other components are equally durable and are installed in a manner that will ensure the performance of your system for decades to come. We always meet and often exceed code in wiring and conduit. We only use aluminun and stainless steel mounting hardware. We often paint conduit, partly to match your property, but also to prevent rust. We are very thorough in following code and quality requirements, even those that are not going to be seen by the inspectors.

As far as the major components go, we install equipment from all the major manufacturers. There are advantages and disadvantages to various products and some simply will not work for some projects, but will work perfectly for others.

Solar Electric Panels: