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iZun Energy Systems

iZun Energy Systems
6320 Herzog Street | Emeryville
Emeryville , CA 94608
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Why iZun Energy? Simply put, we make going solar as easy as possible.

Our Values:
We believe going solar is about more than just installing panels on roofs. Going solar is about being environmentally and fiscally responsible; it's about energy independence; and it's about being part of something bigger than all of us.

When you go solar you join a rapidly growing community of people who are proud to be creating a better future for themselves and for the world.

Not so long ago going solar was prohibitively expensive and involved mountains of paperwork. Enter iZun Energy. We make it easy, fun, and low-cost to go solar. It has always been iZun Energy's Vision: To have SFUN - Solar For Universal Need. We believe everyone should be able to go solar. And we believe the world will be a better place when they do.

To achieve that vision iZun Energy has a unique Mission:
To build the world's most energized network of customers who power their homes with sunshine, one roof at at a time.

​We strive to provide the best customer experience to make going solar not just affordable and good for the environment, but easy and fun too. iZun Energy Systems is owned and operated right here in Bay Area. Since our company opened its doors, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family and we were working on our very own homes.