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Green Warrior, Inc.

Green Warrior, Inc.
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Green Warrior provides no-cost solar solutions to business and property owners that lower energy costs and increase property values. Find out how you can lower your electricity bill immediately by 20% - and save as much as 40% or more within five years - with no lease payments, equipment purchases or recurrent fees.Reduce your electricity bill with Green Warrior’s revolutionary PowerWarrior™! You could save up to 25% or more off your electricity bill while prolonging the life of electric motors and appliances while protecting against power surges. Learn more about this affordable, easy-to-use money saver!Government, education and non-profit organization can realize the same cost savings as private businesses with Green Warrior. However, the incentive to utilize Green Warrior's innovative solutions grows significantly when considering that gov/ed and non-profit organization are not eligible for the federal tax credit for solar systems. If your tax-exempt organization would like to go solar, you must read this.

Green Warrior is a pioneering clean energy firm, with the mission of providing innovative clean energy and energy-saving solutions to homeowners and organizations of all sizes. From onsite solar utility installations to pocket-size thin film solar chargers, Green Warrior designs, develops and sources products and services that drive down the cost of energy for its customers while protecting our environment.Green Warrior’s is primarily a solar project developer and energy generating company. The firm designs, installs, owns and operates On-Site Energy Systems™ (OESs) that provide clean, solar-generated electricity to business, government/education and utility markets. The electricity Green Warrior produces is sold at discounted rates through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) to our customers, who pay nothing for the OES itself. Today, Green Warrior’s clean energy project pipeline exceeds 23.7 MW.In addition to large-scale solar installations, Green Warrior also designs, develops and markets Power Warrior™ power conditioning devices and SolarAssist™ harmonic filtering technology. Power Warrior technology is beneficial to residential users as well as commercial and industrial facilities. Power Warrior provides significant savings in electricity consumption through power factor correction, with the additional benefit of surge protection. SolarAssist optimizes power produced by solar panels, and yields similar efficiency and cost savings benefits as PowerWarrior. In fact, both technologies are utilized with every On-Site Energy System Green Warrior installs to ensure maximum cost savings to our customers.Think Small, Save Big™ is Green Warrior’s new line of consumer products. Aimed to deliver environmentally friendly portable power and energy-saving devices at price points any consumer can afford, Think Small, Save Big are expected to help Green Warrior expand its strong, positive brand in the growing clean energy industry.