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 residential solar system in 2004 as owner and President of P-H-D Enterprises. DJ Schramm worked on several solar installations as a project manager of a large union roofing company. Stacy Hitt, as a CPA for two of the largest accounting firms in the world, had also reviewed potential projects. Uniting thirty years of electrical experience (Mark), thirty years of roofing experience (DJ), and eighteen years of financial experience (Stacy), the convergence of the gifts and talents of our three founders has proven a successful combination in the solar industry.

 2007 we became a SunPower Authorized dealer, operating under P-H-D Enterprises, earning the right to install the most powerful solar systems on the planet. SunPower turns down over 95% of applicants, but quickly recognized the unique combination of talent and experience provided by our founders. SunPower approved our application in less than a week and we signed our first contract to install a SunPower system on October 29th.In 2008, we quickly realized that solar was not only our future but our passion, so we looked to form a new company with a name that accurately reflected who we were becoming. With help from friends and family, Green Convergence was born. Soon thereafter we transferred all of our roofing, electrical and solar operations to Green Convergence while maintaining and growing our SunPower dealership. During our humble beginnings, the company was blessed with the help of close friends and family, who selflessly volunteered their time in order to ensure our small start-up had a fighting chance in the competitive California solar market. We are forever grateful and would not be here today without the love and generosity of so many.2009 brought many changes for our team. On January 21st, Green Convergence became a licensed contractor, and soon after moved from two small home offices to our current location at Westinghouse Place. 2009 also yielded our first commercial solar installation and increased our number of annual residential installs to twelve.