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Golden State Solar Power, Inc. is a leading edge solar power dealer that designs, sells, and installs solar products for your business or residence. In a time of increased power usage when electrical appliances are a necessity and fossil fuels are limited, solar reliance has become our best option. Our solar products will reduce your power bill and give you the opportunity to own your own renewable energy system in an otherwise expensive and unstable energy market.

Golden State Power's solar power systems consist of an array of solar electric panels, and an inverter -- a computerized solid-state controller. The solar electric panels generate DC electricity directly from sunlight. The inverter converts the DC electricity produced by the panels to AC electricity, regulates the system and directs any unused power back into the utility grid. In applications where you are not connected to the grid or you want backup power, batteries are required. An average 1200 sf single-family home uses about 5,000 kW hours of electricity per year. Golden State Power solar systems can generate nearly all of the electricity required for such a home on an annual basis. The solar panels used in our power systems have an 80-year design life and up to a 25-year warranty.

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