Ghigos Energy Inc

Ghigos Energy Inc
1847 Veteran Avenue, #4
Los Angeles, CA 90025
United States

34.047525, -118.439338

Types Of Energy Installed:
solar electric pv
KW's Installed: 0
residential properties

Since his inception in 1998 in Lissone, Milan, Ghigos Group has explored new fields of research, pursuing the dissolution of the disciplinary borders, and investigating green innovative solutions.Ghigos Group’s exhibitions, installations, and projects have been mentioned in national and international competitions, and published on the main European magazines.

Ghigos recently designed a prototype of solar home system for electrification of remote villages in emerging countries. Ghigos prototype was selected by Access Energy, Inc., an energy company in the process of submitting several project bids to bring electricity to rural villages in Asia via Solar Home Systems.Ghigos Energy was directly involved in the preparation of three bids specifically aimed at providing approximately 7,500 homes in Asia with electricity via 50-, 80-, and 125-watt solar photo-voltaic systems. The project would help alleviate poverty, create employment opportunities in the energy sector, support the local economy, provide a means for communication,The project was designed for a complex neighborhood where 14,000 residents, 115 ethnicity groups, 3 Mosques, a Synagogue with a school and a retirement home, a Catholic Church, the Salvation Army, and numerous associations live and operate.The “solar mobile archive” suggests a wider concept of contemporary community: a green way of sharing experiences, maintaining independence, and self sustainability, while creating community connections.The “mobile archive” represents a community that is not “given”, but that should be discovered little by little, step by step, with full involvement and green approach. Ghigos aimed to design a device that could represent the concept of self-sustainability. An archive that can gather information directly from the neighborhood and is powered by natural resources, and that can move among the streets tracing experiences in all the possible shapes (texts, stories, recipes, fairy tales, video, drawings, sounds, tastes, and odors…).