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Frontier Solar, Inc.

Frontier Solar, Inc.
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Frontier Solar Inc. has focused on designing high quality trouble free solar energy for residential customers. That is our specialty.

Whether you choose to zero-out your electric bill or just eliminate the most expensive portion of your bill, we will design a solar electric system that matches your energy usage.

How Solar Works

Solar is a simple, elegant technology that is virtually maintenance-free due to the fact that it has no moving parts. The energy source – sunlight is reliable, locally available, and always free.

A solar electric system is composed of just a few major components – photovoltaic [PV] panels [the generator of electricity] and an inverter [a power conditioning unit]. With a grid-tied solar electric system, your system is connected to the local utility grid, witch serves as the energy storage for the solar power you generate.

During the day when the sun is shining, your PV panels are generating electricity, and if you are not home to consume the electricity, it is fed through the meter to the utility grid and your meter actually spins backward, banking a credit for you.