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Energy Efficiency Audits are required by the electric utility as part of the CSI rebate reservation request process. The audit may be conducted online or over the phone. A copy of it must accompany the rebate reservation application submittal.For new construction projects, energy efficiency standards such as Title 24 in California must be exceeded by more than 15% in order to qualify for the rebate.

Solar Boot Camp ran by Daniel Felperin's FRESH Training Concepts was an extremely fun and educational learning experience.  I not only had a great time while attending the course; but the boot camp helped me gain knowledge which will benefit me in my everyday life, as well as opened doors for occupational opportunites which were previously unavailable to me.  Thank you Dan and everyone else at FRESH Training Concepts.Geoff OstroveI received an email about the solar boot camp. I know solar is the future. I learned a lot at the training, and am now ready to enter the field feeling confident in my knowledge. The instructors' passion for solar and green communities have got me excited about helping make these ideas a reality. I've checked out other schools' course outlines, this was the same, and the price is way lower. I think anyone can benefit from this course, as a career in construction or marketing. And the included temp agency placed me right away.