Freedom Solar, Inc.

Freedom Solar, Inc.
845 S. McGlincy Lane
Campbell, CA 95008
United States

37.2750621, -121.9454001

Types Of Energy Installed:
solar electric pv, solar hot water thermal
KW's Installed: 0
residential properties

At Freedom Solar, you will meet our design consultants in person.  We don't just send out salespeople to your home.  You will talk directly with the person who will ultimately design your system.  No one knows your system needs better than someone who has actually talked with you and walked on your roof. Our solar designers will listen to you and design what you want and need.


We understand the importance of gaining your trust and working with integrity.  We won't just install your system and then abandon you.  Freedom Solar will help you understand your system and will monitor it daily to make sure that it is running properly.  This is no additional cost to you, but rather a benefit that you receive as part of hiring Freedom Solar.  Every solar module we sell comes with a 25 year warranty.  We put our name behind both the quality of our solar products and the service of our team. Daily monitoring of your solar panel system can protect you from wasting money if your system stops producing electricity.  Freedom Solar believes in supporting our customers proactively.  We will monitor your system to ensure that it is operating at the highest efficiency possible.If there are any problems, we will let you know and resolve the problem.Solar is the fastest growing energy resource in the world.  It offers a limitless supply of clean, safe and renewable energy for heating, cooling and power.  And it’s more affordable, more efficient, and more reliable than ever.

The advantages to installing solar:

- Reduce your electricity costs with 0% down
- Increase your energy self-reliance

- Sell back power to your local utility company

- Add value to your home