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Electron Connection Inc.

Electron Connection Inc.
P.O.Box 203
Hornbrook, CA 96044-0203
United States


41.9101394, -122.5558584

Types Of Energy Installed Solar Electric PV
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Licenses 613554
Market Residential Properties

 Electron Connection, Inc., is a business dedicated to Renewable Electricity onsite. We have been in this business since 1988. We have produced our own electricity, both for domestic and business usage since 1970. We know what works and lasts by our own daily direct experience. We are committed to Renewable Energy.

We offer the finest quality components that we can find. These include Mage and other Photovoltaic (PV) products, Outback, Midnite Solar and B.Z. Charge controllers, Outback and Fronius power inverters, and Rolls/Surrette batteries. We sell Grundfos and Shurflo solar pumps, Wattsun solar trackers, Direct Power mounting racks, Energy Systems & Design and Harris micro-hydro electric systems, and many other types of home power equipment. You may find other companies offering some renewable hardware at lower prices. We are not a discount supermarket and we don’t change our prices solely to “meet or beat” another price. We don’t sell kit #One, Two or Three. Nor do we sell the dreaded (3Cs) Cheap Chinese Crap. We offer our customers much more than a cheap deal. We offer complete personalized specification and local installation if desired. We support our customers with complete technical information wether by phone, letter, e-mail or on-site survey. We enforce all manufacturer’s warranties. Quality doesn’t cost, it pays. With an EC system you get what you pay for.