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Clary Solar
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ClarySolar is the solar installer that helps customers make financial sense of their solar investments. Unlike other installers we understand that an integrated financial approach involves not only rebates and financial options, but also maximizing returns and managing risks through deep financials and sustainable engineering.

 It is only by having an end-to-end approach to solar installations that hidden costs, such as risk and time delays can be avoided, and potential benefits, such as comprehensive electric bill reduction can be achieved. We pride in delivering such an integrated approach to financials. Whereas the typical solar installer will present generic documentation for solar rebates and financing option, ClarySolar is willing to work on minor details and designs to improve returns and reduce investment. It is in the quest for providing the best solution within the client’s budget that we work on innovative new products, like Solar Leases, Loan programs and Carbon Credit Offsets. A complete integrated financial approach delivers beyond providing financial options to maximizing returns for customers. For commercial concerns this means building competitive advantage over competition through cost reduction and brand value. For residential concerns this can entail increased property value and improved aesthetics.