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CEGA, a solar consulting and engineering firm, is your expert ally in clean energy power. We are building our clean energy group for the long term by attracting and retaining professionals with tremendous intellectual curiosity, innovative ideas and a relentless commitment to execution.We specialize in project acquisition, design, financial strategy, government incentives, compliance permitting, purchasing, engineering drawings and installation of solar systems for commercial, residential and government facilities.

The Solar Rooftop Program is revolutionary in that the Property Owners will be able to lease the rooftops and get a continual and steady income for 20 years.Electricity produced is purchased by AAA rated Utility Co. through 20 years Power Purchase Agreement and CEGA will fund, build and own the solar facility and electricity produced will flow directly into the electrical grid rather than used to meet the on-site demand of the building.After many Rooftop/FiT pilot programs by Utility Co’s in the last few years, today is the time that all participants are putting all the planning in to reality.CEGA is quickly ramping up to lease approximately 60 to 80 rooftops, with the goal of adding 30-40 megawatts of generating capacity.CEGA will lease building roofs, install, operate and maintain solar systems over the 20 year life of the lease.12:34 PM 5/22/2013Property Owners will receive unplanned rent on their buildings with little risk, as the projects are backed by AAA rated Utility Co.- LADWP twenty years power purchase agreement and CEGA as a developing Co.