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Types Of Energy Installed Solar Electric PV
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Solar panel store where we specialize in affordable panels your can purchase individually or by the pallet. Additionally, Blue Pacific Solar offers off-grid kits, grid tied home systems and emergency home solar backup that will keep the lights on in your home when the utility grid is down or during a blackout.

We are professional solar panel system designers and installers. An outdoor enthusiasts or homeowner who has never considered home, portable or off-grid solar power generators can't believe how easy it can be with Blue Pacific Solar. We provide portable solar products, off-grid kits and home solar kits, one stop, one call. Purchase at our online solar web store. We serve customers around the world having shipped many portable solar gadgets and off-grid solar panels. We service government contracts. Blue Pacific Solar installers support a high quality business that does work for homeowners, outdoor enthusiasts, businesses and everyday people. Solar panels, off-grid kits and emergency power generators is all we do.
Blue Pacific Solar installers engineer quality cheap power solutions and make it easy for you to enjoy year-round savings. Let our installation experts offer you protection from rising energy costs and boost your property's value. Blue Pacific Solar installers customers are enjoying the benefits of off-grid kits and portable power. Our solar installers will install PV panels and thermal hot water from San Luis Obispo, Los Gatos, Bakersfield, Fresno, San Francisco and Sacramento. Sunwize property owners, grid-tied and off-grid solar power, are adding megawatts of money to their wallets, saving kilowatt of energy with sunpower. Quality cheap dependable home installation, off-grid solar kits and portable solar power. Energy you can depend on.