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Harvesting the power of the sun is easy, and it's one of the most environmental ways to produce power. Sun power is the most effective way to produce electricity in California. With over 300 days of sun, harvesting sun power is cheaper than any other form of power production and it reduces your carbon footprint.The cost of solar equipment continues to fall while the number of options to get started are constantly growing.  Whether you purchase a system or lease it Bella Solar will help you find the right approach to start building your solar wealth.

Bella Solar is a full service energy service provider to both residential and commercial clients.  We do it all - design, financing, engineering, material procurement, installation and service after the sale.Solar panels are generally roof mounted (although they can also be ground mounted) and placed at the correct angle to take full advantage of the sun. As the sunlight hits the panels, it creates DC electricity, which is then converted by an inverter into 240V AC electricity which we use for power.  Solar Panels are a static generator meaning they have no moving parts which is why they can generally have a warranty of 25 years.  To allow for optimum output it is ideal to have a South facing roof to mount the solar modules although 90 degrees off South is acceptable. It is not recommended to install a solar module facing North as this will significantly reduce the performance of the system.Through our affiliated partners Bella Solar offers energy efficiency and building performance upgrade services including energy efficiency audits, LED lighting systems, building envelop and fenestration upgrades, HVAC upgrades, energy efficient appliances and advanced demand reduction technologies.