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Arise Solar wants to help you take control of your energy future, and experience freedom from unpredictable utility rate increases. Solar gives you the opportunity to lock in tomorrow’s energy at today’s rates. With a variety of purchase and financing options, you can go solar with little to no money down, or purchase a system and produce your own energy, absolutely free, once the system has paid for itself.

We are excited about the incredible benefits of renewable energy both for the environment and for you personally.  We believe each solar system should be designed specifically to meet your energy needs, lower your costs and increase your savings.Even more than helping you “go solar,” we look at your home and make recommendations on a variety of other energy reducing measures such as compact florescent light bulbs, high efficiency HVAC systems, vinyl windows, etc., to provide the best outcome for your solar system investment.An excellent article in Home Energy Magazine details this important idea: Home Energy Magazine Special Issue, 2007.Arise Solar, we are 100% committed to the Fresno and Clovis community. Not only are we committed to serving our neighbors by bringing alternative energy opportunities, we are plugged in, helping build and strengthen our community in many other ways. In addition to hosting our annual Golf-for-a-Wish Tournament in support of Make-A-Wish Central California, we are committed to supporting local organizations throughout the year.