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Altadena Energy & Solar LLC

Altadena Energy & Solar LLC
attn: Hans Rosenberger 460 E Calaveras St.
Altadena, CA 91001
United States


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Altadena Energy & Solar is a company focused on designing and building systems that improve the efficiency of our homes, offices, and hotels.  Our projects often focus on solar thermal, solar electric and lighting efficiency projects as means to improving building efficiency.  Altadena Energy & Solar works as a consultant, equipment supplier, or together with its partner contractors as a complete “design and build” solutions company for home or business.

Altadena Energy & Solar was founded by Hans Rosenberger out of a belief that good engineering and financial structuring are important for the development of environmentally friendly building systems and buildings.  There is a strong demand for energy savings and ‘green power’, but too few practitioners who understood both engineering and finance.  Hans majored in Physics at Goshen College, and completed his Masters of Electrical Engineering at Penn State. He pursued a career in radiometry based remote sensing at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena, CA, where he was staff engineer for 5 years in ground and air based microwave systems.  His work included field engineering at communication ground stations in CA and Spain and airborne experiment campaigns in FL and Sweden. He left JPL to pursue further aspirations in business and completed his MBA at USC’s Marshall School of Business.  During this time he pursued internships focusing on electrical efficiency and demand shaping in the frozen food warehouse industry in DE, and wind energy finance in Tehachapi, CA.After his MBA, he started a limited property partnership in Berlin Germany to test the theory that there was unmet demand for green-oriented real estate development.  The real estate work led to the founding of Altadena Energy & Solar, and its partner firm, RSF Solar, and a focus on technically sophisticated solar and energy efficiency solutions for residential and commercial clients.