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Alpine Solar Electric


Alpine Solar Electric
P.O. Box 397
Danville, CA 94526
United States


37.8006948, -121.9814354

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Alpine Solar Electric is located in Danville, California and services customers throughout the greater bay area, and as far east as Stockton. We feel compelled to help promote a "greener" world with the hopes that many generations to come can experience and enjoy nature and the world as we see it now.

 Growing up in the San Francisco bay area and seeing firsthand the rapid, almost uncontrolled growth. It is of great concern to us that urban area's continue to build and develop without any real concerns about power requirements or clean water. We've all heard the phrase "Global Warming", so often in fact that it has become commonplace. Unfortunately it is a very real threat to the world that we enjoy today. If we don't reverse this climatic direction by using less fossil fuels and developing new energy production technologies, the world we live in and enjoy today will be irreversibly gone tomorrow. This is why we feel so strongly about "renewable energy". If we don't plan now for this growth and seek answers to meeting basic needs for power and water who knows what the rapidly approaching future will bring. Having over 30 years experience in purchasing, sales and marketing we are well versed as a company to meet the demands of solar energy customers. Providing superior customer service speaks for itself when it comes to a satisfied consumer. With the solid support of a national wholesale distributor, we are confident in knowing that we can give our customers the technical support and warranty service they deserve.