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ADR Electric, Inc
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ADR Solar Solutions, Inc. is a leading installer of residential and commercial solar power systems. We have been installing custom solar power systems in California and the greater Los Angeles area for over 15 years.

There are abundant reasons for you to consider a solar power system today. Whether you are committed to significantly reducing your CO2 emissions to help fight global warming, or tired of paying an ever-increasing utility bill, solar power systems, installed by Los Angeles based ADR Solar Solutions, offer a great solution

Here's why YOU should go solar with ADR Solar Solutions today:

  • 30% Federal Tax Credit for solar power installation
  • Solar power systems pay you back up to 3 times your initial investment.
  • All-inclusive proposals - We even do your solar rebate paperwork.
  • Custom solar power systems are silent, non-polluting and maintenance-free.
  • Do your part: Solar power reduces our reliance of foreign oil and helps reduce global warming.