Solar Christmas shopper—Day 8

Alright, this is just darned cool. We want one. Husqvarna’s Automower Solar Hybrid is a self-charging robotic mower that can roam your lawn and scare your dog when nobody’s home!

Like the Roomba, this sucker can be set to automatically mow your lawn, so if you don’t have a kid that’s already doing it for you, it’s a way you can still sit in the hammock while the chores are getting done. According to Husqvarna, the mower’s ability to cut your lawn is extended by the solar panels, but even without them, its on-board battery pack will allow it to keep mowing into the evening. When it’s done mowing or low on juice it will find its power station and dock up until it’s time to go out again. The device also includes an alarm in case some unscrupulous neighbor decides to abscond with your mower, and it can text you if something’s wrong.

With a suggested retail price of $2,995, it’s definitely not a stocking stuffer. But again, how cool is this?