Solar Christmas shopper—Day 5

So far, we’ve focussed on solar gifts for adults, things like solar chargers and generators. But there’s a bunch of stuff out there for kids, too.

One that caught our eye was OWI’s 6-in-1 educational solar kit: a cute little plastic toy set that will allow your budding scientist to build a variety of small solar robots. It’s inexpensive, at about $20—or less online—and has 21 plastic parts that kids—or we—can snap together in different configurations intended to show your little Michelangelo how the sun hits a photovoltaic panel and can power a motor.

The devices that can be made from the kit include a motorboat, airboat, car, windmill, puppy, and two different airplane configurations. While it’s neat, it’s also very small. A reviewer on Amazon noted that the car configuration fit in the palm of an 8-year-old’s hand.