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Because of technological advances, more brands in the market and larger scale production of components, owning a photovoltaic system has never been more affordable. Photovoltaic solar modules are the most commonly recognized solar product in the world today. A Photovolatic system in one of our customer’s words, was “like having an ATM on his home-it just spit out free money every month.”

Stand alone systems- This type of photovoltaic system is designed to stand independent of the power grid. The simplest form of a stand alone system is called a direct coupled PV system and does not utilize a battery. Since they do not have batteries for storage they can only function while there is sunlight. A typical application for a direct coupled PV system is an attic ventilation system. Typically, stand alone systems use batteries to store energy and are used in remote locations away from the energy grid. They may also be used in conjunction with power generators or other types of clean energy generators like wind turbines. Your solar energy systems are completely exempt from sales tax. There has never been a better time than now for your residence and company to “GO SOLAR”. Your electric rates are rising and the return on investment from solar energy has never been better! You can take direct advantage of federal and state incentives as well as solar renewable energy credits (SREC’s) generated by your system. And in most cases we can offer 100% financing: No down payment or security deposit required.