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Technicians for Sustainability

Technicians for Sustainability
612 N 7th Ave
Tucson, AZ 85705-8337
United States


32.22938, -110.969782

Types Of Energy Installed Solar Electric PV
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Licenses ROC185775, ROC204338, ROC233811, ROC240455
Market Residential Properties

An abundant and renewable energy and a time-tested technology, solar electricity or photovoltaic (PV) can meet all or part of your business’ electricity needs. With a simple payback of 4-8 years, and a return on investment that’s above 15%, southern Arizona’s business owners are increasingly turning an eye to the sun.

As Technicians For Sustainability our mission is to help you translate your environmental values into a practical reality. Based in Tucson, we install high-quality, clean, solar electric and solar hot water systems that are built to last. Our goal is to ensure that southern Arizona’s natural resources are used efficiently and with respect for present and future needs. Committed to practicing what we preach, we live with the systems we install, make fuel-efficient transportation choices, and whenever possible, do business with companies that hold values, standards and ethics comparable with ours.

Solar Electric Panels: