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We are customer-centric company aimed at helping as many people make the swap to solar energy as possible. Eliminate your Electric Bill: Solar power has been proven to significantly reduce or even completely eliminate electric bills. Your savings depends on how much energy you use and the system you choose to have installed. Talk to one of our experts at PHX Solar Pros to see how solar power can save you money. Increase your Home Equity: Research shows that $1 worth of energy bill savings from solar power adds $20 to your home’s value. This number is projected to go up as electricity prices increase. A solar power installation in your home has an excellent return on investment rate and carries many advantages along with it. Protect the Environment: Solar energy is a renewable resource that is fully clean power. It reduces air pollution and water pollution and cuts down on the use of finite resources that can be expensive and harmful to the environment. Increased solar power use today will cut down on unrepairable damage to the world in the future. Save BIG with Local Incentives! :Arizona provides incredible solar incentives for those looking to make the switch. Our installations are done right every time, which means you get to save the most money possible!