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When the sun’s rays hit the solar panels, the solar panels generate direct current (DC) electricity which is passed through wires to an inverter. In the inverter, the electricity is converted from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC).With Sky High Energy we will be with you the entire way, providing the latest technology with award winning customer service.

All that electricity then goes into your home to help offset the electricity your lights, air conditioning, TV, and everything else uses to run. If you generate more than what you need, the electricity will leave your home going back into the utility grid. When it leaves your home, the utility meter will start to spin backwards, recording the amount of electricity, so you can be credited back later.

The great thing about solar is that you will always remain connected to the grid so that when it is really cloudy out you will not be without power. Going solar with Sky High energy, you will not notice any difference in power supply to your home.Sky High Energy specializes in installing solar systems on homes just like yours. With over 500 solar systems installed in Arizona, New Jersey, Missouri, and Massachusetts's its easy to see we go the extra mile to keep our customers happy. We will work with you from the time you meet one of our advertising directors, to when the install crew leaves your home. Our approach is to make going solar as easy as possible so we take care of all the paper work, permitting and any challenges along the way.

We guarantee the production of our systems and provide a monitoring system so you can check from a smart phone or computer how your system is doing. This process is so efficient that Sky High Energy can view the history of your system and diagnose a problem before it happens and dispatch a crew so your system doesn’t have any down time. This will help us maintain high quality products and helps you save more money.