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Adair Solar & Plumbing
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Types Of Energy Installed Solar Hot Water Thermal
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Market Residential Properties, Commercial Properties

Adair Solar installs quality solar hot water heaters, heating and energy efficiency systems for the highest rebates and energy savings.  Adair has proven with our 30 years in business that we are simply the best Phoenix solar energy installer for residential installations.

Adair Solar has solidified the reputation of quality, trust and longevity as one of the most trusted names of Arizona solar companies. In fact, Doug has put together the most comprehensive energy management system designed to maximize your savings, both in terms initial investment and long term reduction of utility bills.

The families that Adair served 30 years ago have since gone on and formed families of their own. With so many new clients that were children and grandchildren of our original clients you can be sure our energy systems will be here to serve you for a long time to come.

And with today’s fast-paced lifestyle and demand for same-day solar installation, we know that your time is precious and we appreciate your business.

Looking for a solar career? Solar jobs in Arizona and "green collar jobs" across the country are growing faster than nearly any other job market in a time of economic distress. You can help make a contribution in reducing energy usage and waste, and increasing savings for thousands of homeowners with solar power.

As an Arizona solar company that prides itself on the caliber of its employees, Adair Solar is always looking for qualified individuals to hire as Communicators, Canvassers, and Sales Representatives in the Arizona residential solar energy industry. Our employees have helped make us a trusted name in the industry over the past 30 years, and possess the priorities and principles to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied.