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Solar Technology Alabama
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Solar Technology Alabama was started in 2008 by Ron Holland to promote solar energy in Alabama and make this technology available and affordable. Ron is a graduate of Mississippi State University with an electrical engineering degree.  He worked for Alabama Power for 20 years before going into business on his own.  He started Southern Environmental Air, Inc. in 1991 to provide air pollution control to Alabama industries.  His interest in secure communities, reliable alternate energy sources,  and the environment led him to form Solar Tech in 2008.  Solar Tech provides design, sales, and installation of solar energy systems.

We have solar systems installed in most major cities including Huntsville, Birmingham, and Montgomery.  Many more are installed in suburbs and rural areas.  If you live in Alabama, give us a call and let's talk solar. Solar Technology Alabama is a full service solar contractor and here to serve your alternate energy needs.  An on-site survey for a modest (refundable) fee will help you get started.  We design a solar system just for your needs and perform a complete installation. See our YouTube video library by searching idosolar. Solar energy is an integral component of resilient homes and neighborhoods.  When difficult times come, all people will fall into one of two categories; prepared or unprepared.  Now is the only time you have to prepare.  When the government can no longer provide security and the "normal" channels of supply are broken, your neighbors are all you will have.  Organize now to provide for your common needs.  If you anticipate a need for power or hot water, consider solar.  We would like to help. All energy originates from the sun.  Solar energy is abundant in Alabama AND, solar energy is an efficient way to use energy that is
already falling on your property.  Solar panels on your home or business can harvest this renewable energy source, help you reduce your dependence on fossil fuels, reduce your energy bills, save you money, and provide energy when the conventional sources become unreliable or fail.

Heating water with the sun is one of the best ways to get started.  If you heat your water with electricity, it is also the best way to reduce your electric bill.  And the pay back is tremendous.  Solar water heaters are extremely reliable, virtually maintenance free, and can pay for themselves in as little as six years.  You will still need to use a little electricity for those extended cloudy periods, but if the sun is shining, your thermal system will be working to capture those free BTU's.