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Types Of Energy Installed Solar Electric PV, Solar Hot Water Thermal
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From his passively heated and cooled, solar powered residence in Royal, Alabama, Earth Steward Solar Consulting principal, Daryl Bergquist, works with clients throughout north and central Alabama to accomplish passive space heating and cooling, solar water heating, and solar photovoltaic electricty generation.

We can help you combine the various elements and systems so that they work together and enhance each other resulting in overall superior performance.  Energy efficiency and conservation are the foundation of all the overall designs, and can be incorporated either before or after the installation of the active solar water heating or photovoltaic systems.  In some installations combining battery based PV sytems and drainback solar hot water systems, the pumps and controllers for the solar hot water systems are powered directly for the DC side of the PV system thereby saving significant ammounts of power.  When designing new buildings, roof orrientation and angles can be optimized for maximum solar PV and solar hot water performance along with superior asthetics.