Washington Solar Rebates and Incentives

Washington Utility Loan and Rebate Programs

Program Type Low-interest Loan and Rebate Program
Technologies Photovoltiacs
Amount Rebate: $400 per kilowatt (kW), up to $1,200. Loan: Up to $10,000 at 4.9 percent interest rate
Required Documentation Contact Klickitat
Official Web Site www.klickpud.com/

The Klickitat rebate and loan programs typify the renewable energy incentive programs offered by utilities in the state. Each, however, has its own rebate and/or loan programs for which customers may sign up.

The Klickitat rebate program pays grid-tied customers installing a PV system $400 per kW of DC (direct current) power, up to a maximum of $1,200 for a 3 kW solar system. The program is part of the federal Bonneville Power Administration’s Conservation Rate Credit program.

The publicly-owned utility also offers customers qualifying for the rebate a low-interest-rate loan program for installing PV systems. Under the loan program, grid-tied customers installing a PV system may qualify for a loan of up to $10,000. The interest rate on the loans is fixed at 4.9 percent, and loans must be repaid over a seven-year period.

Klickitat’s loan program is available to existing buildings with electric heat. Applying homeowners must have at least 12 months of good payment history with Klickitat. The loans are secured with a lien on the property and homeowners repay the loan through their electric bill.

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